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bullet  Introduction


6.01 Malaysia is undergoing economic transformation and is fast entering an era of rapid industrialization. The continuation of this process into the nineties will undoubtedly place new demands on high-level technical skills, management and entrepreneurial capabilities as well as increased technological development and improved capital utilization. To support and sustain this development process, it is essential for Malaysia to develop a disciplined workforce with a broader skill base and equipped with positive work ethics and culture. The development of increased capability of Malaysians with the right motivation for work and productivity will be necessary to enable Malaysia to stay ahead and maintain its competitive edge and thereby achieve the goal of becoming a fully developed nation by the year 2020.


6.02 An important facet in the development of human resources is the provision of opportunities for all Malaysians to participate actively and equitably in the economic life of the nation. In the process of restructuring the Malaysian society, education and training programmes will accompany ongoing efforts to redress inequalities in income, employment, and the ownership and control of productive resources among ethnic groups. Closer collaboration between the public and private sectors in human resource development is needed for the successful realization of this objective.


6.03 Another facet of human resource development is the inculcation of shared positive values, especially among young Malaysians. A strong sense of belonging, loyalty and love for the country will be further fostered. At the workplace, Malaysians should cultivate a greater degree of industrial discipline, and enhance the pursuit of excellence and the continual search for improvement, alongside other positive attributes such as honesty, integrity, diligence, dedication, cooperation, dynamism and creativity. An important means of inculcating these values will be a forward-looking and pragmatic education and training system geared to meet the future needs of the nation.


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bullet  The Thrust Of Human Resource Development


6.04 The thrust of human resource development under the New Development Policy (NDP) wi be to meet the objectives of growth and equity. The development of Malaysia in the next decade will depend on its human resources so as to build upon its rich natural resource base. Economic growth in a fast changing global environment requires increased use of knowledge and skills of the labour force. Greater emphasis will be placed on the development of educated, well-trained and flexible manpower to build upon present growth trends and productivity gains in the economy.


6.05 The creation of increased employment Opportunities and higher value-added activities are essential for the eradication Of Poverty and the restructuring Of society. In this regard, the Bumiputera comm in certain Occupational groups and key professional despite efforts made during the past 20 years. This notwithstanding, the noticeable increase in the number of Bumiputera employed in the professional and technical occupational category was mainly due to the large number of Bumiputera employed in the professional and technical occupational category was mainly due to the large number of Bumiputera in the nursing and teaching professions. Emphasis will, therefore, be given towards increasing further the number of Bumiiputera professionals and technicians to enhance their role in the national economy.


6.06 Attention will be given to develop rural labour to enable them to enter the labour market that is becoming more sophisticated and technologically oriented. The rural labour force, who are predominantly Bumiputera, should shift from low productives traditional activities to high value-added modern sector activities. Improved access to better educational facilities, labour market information and new skills, as well as a strong spirit of labour force in the economic growth of the country.


6.07 An important aspect of human resource development is to incorporate the creative contributions of a muti-racial population to Promote growth and foster national unity.


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