Organisation Chart
Manufacturing Industry, Science and Technology Division

Contact Details:
Manufacturing Industry, Science and Technology Division,
Economic Planning Unit,
Prime Minister's Department,
Level 4, Setia Perdana 6, Setia Perdana Complex,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62502 Putrajaya.
Tel. No. : 03-88725497
Fax : 03-88883644


The manufacturing sector is the largest contributor to total exports and second largest to GDP. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are an important part of the economy in terms of production, job creation and ease of distribution of income. In the development agenda to improve productivity and competitiveness of the country, especially in manufacturing sector and SMEs, science, technology and innovation (STI) plays an important role.


The Manufacturing, Science & Technology Industries Division is responsible for planning and formulating policies, strategies and programs for the manufacturing sector, STI and development of SMEs to increase productivity and ensure Malaysia remains on track to become a developed and inclusive nation.

Main function

  • Designing, planning and reviewing the policies, strategies and development programs of the manufacturing sector, SMEs as well as science and technology in driving the country's economic growth
  • Evaluate, coordinate and certify development programs/projects for Ministries and related agencies in the development of the manufacturing sector, SMEs as well as science and technology;
  • Monitor and review the implementation of policies, strategies and development programs/projects in the manufacturing sector, SMEs as well as science and technology;
  • Conduct research studies for the preparation of profiles and reports of the manufacturing sector, SMEs as well as science and technology.
  • Become a focal point in implementing the Fourth Industrial Revolution across all Ministries and agencies.

We undertake to carry out our committed responsibilities with a dedicated and professional work culture in providing our customers with the following services:

  • Planning proactively, professionally and effectively the development of the manufacturing sector, SMEs, and science and technology;
  • Implementing the tasks of preparing a Long Term Plan, Five Year Development Plan and Mid-Term Review on a timely basis, efficient, quality and effective;
  • Evaluating, coordinating and certifying development of programs and projects under the Manufacturing, SMEs, Science and Technology sectors in line with the Five Year Development Document and Mid-Term Review Document for Five Year Plan Development;
  • Reviewing processing and approving applications for changes of project scope, create new projects and provide notice of changes on allocation provisions within 2 weeks upon receipt of complete documents from the Ministry/Agency;
  • Assisting the Ministry of Finance in budget examination for the development programs/projects approved under the Five Year Development and Mid-Term Review of the Five Year Plan Development;
  • Providing comments on the Memorandum of the Cabinet within 2 weeks;
  • Providing feedback to Cabinet/Councils decisions comprising EPUs in the Manufacturing sector, SMEs as well as Science and Technology within 3 days from the date of the instruction;
  • Answering all queries related to the Manufacturing sector, SMEs as well as Science and Technology and solve problems quickly, precisely and courteously; and
  • Providing comments and views on applications to implement projects for the Manufacturing sector, SME development as well as Science and Technology to the EPU management and inform the applicant within 1 month after the paper proposal or report received from the Company / Consortium.

We are willing to accept constructive views from our customers for the common good in providing an orderly, systematic and safe service.