Tenth Malaysia Plan (10th MP) Tenth Malaysia Plan (10th MP)

"The Tenth Malaysia Plan houses the aspirations of both the Government Transformation Programme and the New Economic Model, premised on high income, inclusiveness and sustainability. It charts the development of the nation for the next five years, anchored on delivering the desired outcomes for all Malaysians. The Tenth Plan sets the stage for a major structural transformation that a high-income economy requires. The Plan contains new policy directions, strategies and programmes that enable the country to emerge as a high income nation..."


- Prime Minister, Malaysia


The Tenth Malaysia Plan


Tenth Malaysia Plan (10th MP) was tabled in Parliament at 11.30 am on Thursday 10 June 2010. Copies of the Tenth Malaysia Plan document in Bahasa Melayu and English are available for sale on 10 June 2010 from 11.30 am onwards.  Related documents are :


Sale copies are obtainable at Percetakan Nasional Berhad at RM 80.00 :


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