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Coordination, Control and Monitoring Division
Ministry of Economy
Aras 2, Menara Prisma
No.26, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 3                                 
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan                                   
62675 PUTRAJAYA                              

No. Tel. : 03-8090 2480
Faks : 03-8090 2500

Agency Section

  1. To develop and implement policies and strategic direction for the management of agencies listed under EPU.
  2. To monitor governance and report financial performance of agencies listed under EPU.
  3. To prepare Cabinet’s Memoranda on Annual Report and Statement of Accounts of Federal Statutory Bodies and obtain central agencies comments for presentation in Cabinet/Parliament in accordance to Statutory Bodies ( Accounts and Annual Reports) Act 1980 ( Act 240).
  4. To present Annual Reports and Statement of Accounts of State Economic Development Corporations in State Financial Officers meeting and National Financial Council in accordance to Incorporation (State Legislature Competency) Act 1962 ( Act 380).
  5. To process, analyze and obtain decision on application made by agencies listed under EPU on matters relating to loans, investment, establishment of subsidiaries, asset disposal and bonus or dividend announcements.
  6. To coordinate, propose and obtain decisions on matters relating to amendments of acts or M&A of statutory bodies or agencies, restructuring, merging, dissolving, or establishment of new statutory bodies and agencies.
  7. To process and obtain decision on extension of time limit to submit Statement of Accounts of statutory bodies to National Audit Department.
  8. To process nomination, appointment, and termination of Board of Directors and Board of Trustees of agencies listed under EPU.
  9. To function as Gas Competition Appeal Tribunal secretariat.

Secretariat Section

  1. To coordinate parliamentary matters ( House of Representatives and Senate) for Minister/Deputy Minister of EPU.
  2. To coordinate feedback within EPU on minutes raised in Cabinet meetings.
  3. To coordinate feedbacks within EPU on minutes raised in top level meetings (Secretary-General/Head of Agencies, Menteri Besar/Chief Ministers, National Action Committee, National Development Council).
  4. Secretariat for EPU Weekly Post Cabinet Meeting.
  5. Secretariat for National Development Planning Committee.
  6. Secretariat for EPU Policy meeting.
  7. To coordinate the administration and corporate matters of division.

RMKe-12 Monitoring Section

  1. Formulate a governance mechanism to regulate the Malaysia Plan Policy Implementation Plan;
  2. Monitor the progress of the outputs and outcomes of Malaysia Plan policies and strategies;
  3. Coordinate engagement with all stakeholders to formulate action plans;
  4. Reporting progress status periodically to the Monitoring Technical Committee chaired by the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Economy);
  5. Coordinate the resolution of issues and problems related to the implementation of the Malaysia Plan;
  6. Develop a Malaysia Plan monitoring system that is integrated with the existing monitoring system based on needs such as MyProjek (ICU), MyResults (MOF), MyKPI (JPA), and Ministerial KPI (MAMPU/SEPADU);
  7. Develop expertise and capabilities related to monitoring policies and strategies as well as being a change management agent based on discussions with stakeholders; and
  8. Optimizing the use of digital technology to evaluate the effectiveness of Malaysia Plan policies and strategies.