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Regional Development Division

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Regional Development Division
Ministry of Economy
Level 1, Quadrant 1, Menara Prisma
No.26, Persiaran Perdana, Precint 3
62675 W.P Putrajaya 

Tel. No. : 03-80902661
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The Regional Development Division has established as a (BPW) result of the restructuring exercise of the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister's Department, which was implemented in January 2019. BPW is divided into 3 units namely Rural Development, Corridor Development and Spatial Development.

Main Objective

The main objective of BPW is to ensure efficient and efficient planning in terms of optimal use of resources at the regional, state and inter-state, urban and rural levels, to create more balanced regional development. The BPW also takes into account the importance of environment and sustainable development in the formulation of policies, strategies and development programs.

Main functions

The BPW was established in the Ministry of Economic Affairs with it’s main functions as follows:

  • Formulate policies, strategies, programs and directions on the distribution of socio-economic and infrastructure activities and the provision of quality social amenities to improve the quality of life in rural areas;
  • Planning, designing, evaluating and analysing policies and strategies for regional and corridor development;
  • Review and formulate policies and strategies for National Urbanization Policy strategy which covers urban agglomeration and conurbation;and
  • Evaluate project proposals and recommend the development allocation for the Five Year Development Plan covering infrastructure, utilities and social amenities projects, particularly in rural areas and economic corridors.

We undertake to carry out the responsibilities entrusted to us with full dedication through professional and excellent work culture in providing customer service as follows:

  • Plan for regional development proactively, professionally and effectively;
  • Evaluate, review and coordinate proposed strategies and programs submitted by the agencies and undertake transparent reviews in the interest of regional balance;
  • Provide, identify and improve the implementation of the program or project for the Five Year Plan in a professional, efficient and effective manner;
  • Evaluate, coordinate and recommends development allocation for programs and projects under regional development in line with the achievement of outcomes at the national level;
  • Analyse and evaluate proposals for new projects as well as provide notice of change for budget ceiling within seven working days from receiving a complete information from the Ministry; and
  • Provide working paper /comments/feedbacks issues and areas related to regional development within the prescribed time frame.