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Secretariat Economy Action Council
Ministry of Economy
9th Floor, Menara Prisma
No. 26, Persiaran Perdana, Precint 3
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62675 Putrajaya

No Tel: 03-90802063 / 03-90802070

The Economic Action Council (EAC) established on 11 March 2020 as the highest economic advisory body to the Government. The EAC's role is to drive sustainable economic growth, encourage private investment and ensure inclusive socio -economic development for the well -being of the Rakyat.

The EAC Secretariat was established under the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister's Department to assist in secretarial matters at all levels of EAC Meetings as well as to monitor and report implementation progress to the EAC. It is headed by the Executive Director.

The EAC Secretariat is responsible for the secure and systematic keeping of records and documents of presentation materials, minutes and other materials related to EAC Meetings.


Performs duties as the Secreteriat to the Economic Action Council. Manage and coordinate the preparation of Economic Action Council Meeting in accordance with guidelines set out in the Term of Reference.

  • Secreteriat to the Economic Action Council,
  • Secreteriat of the Executive Committee Meeting (EXCO) of The Economic Action Council,
  • Secreteriat of the EXCO Working Comittee of The Economic Action Council.