This circular is provide a guideline to ministries and agencies in preparing programme and project proposals to be prensented to the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister's Department(EPU, JPM) for consideration and approval. Guidelines for planning and preparation of Development Programmes and Projects is as in the attachment of this Circular.

No. Title Document
1 Garis Panduan Penyediaan RMKe-12, 2021-2025 Download
2 Garis Panduan Penyediaan Rancangan Malaysia Kesebelas, (2016-2020) Download
3 Slaid Pembentangan Garis Panduan Penyediaan Rancangan Malaysia Kesebelas (2016-2020) Download
4 Garis Panduan Bagi Pelaksanaan Program Projek RP2 RMKe-10 (2012-2013) Download
5 Garis Panduan Perancangan dan Penyediaan Program dan Projek Pembangunan Download
6 Project Planning Guideline - Appendix 1 Download
7 Project Planning Guideline - Appendix 2 Download
8 Project Planning Guideline - Appendix 3 Download
9 Project Planning Guideline - Appendix 4 Download
10 Project Planning Guideline - Appendix 5 Download
11 Project Planning Guideline - Appendix 6 Download
12 Garis Panduan Projek Penyelenggaraan Infrastruktur dan Kemudahan Pelancongan Sedia Ada Download
13 Garis Panduan Bagi Pelaksanaan Program Projek RP1 RMKe-10 (2011-2012) Download
14 Pematuhan Perbelanjaan Mengikut Siling Peruntukan Pembangunan Download
15 Projek RMKe-9 yang belum dilaksana Download

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